19 Stuyvesant Ovl
New York, NY 10009-2042

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Several months ago there was an infestation in an apartment which was treated by building management with heat. Neighboring apartments were inspected. On August 11, 2012 someone put a sign on the laundry room door stating that someone was in the laundry room using all the washers and dryers at once because the person had bed bugs. I called management who denied any knowledge and said the property manager would not be available because it was the weekend, but would call me. The property manage

r never called. The person who answered the phone said nhe would send someone to remove the sign and did so, even though I said they should leave the sign so tenants know about the bed bugs. The laundry room is shared with 21 Stuyvesant Oval. Please note that this address is NOT found when you search the database for the correct name (Stuyvesant Oval,) rather than the term Stuyvesant Ovl, so there may be other incidents.

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I'm surprised there are no other reports for this building as there were two other occurrences that I know about. Anyway bed bugs were discovered in one of the bedrooms here. LANDLORD IS DITZING AROUND IMHO.

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