274 1st Ave
New York, NY 10009-1850

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Still have bedbugs since Feb. Landlord is now refusing to exterminate because they cant find them yet I am covered with bites. I guess the next step for me is legal acction. Think twice about living here. It's been a battle with Stuy Town mgmt that no one should have to go through.

Feb 2011-May 201
found bugs, three treatments and still getting bites. hopefuly next treatment will work and this nightmare will be over. A few other tenants in bldg also had them in last few months. Afraid they are in walls and will never go away, just move from apt to apt. will update when they are gone.

a very reliable source told me that "allegedly" there's an apartment on the second floor that had bed bugs. It was occupied by an elderly woman. Workers found the bugs when they were renovating after she moved(or passed away, not sure) and reported them to mgmt. Stuytown took care of it,allegedly. I called mgmt office asking to have them exterminate my apt in same bld, as a precaution. They said that they would first have to do an inspection. When I told her the story I heard, she asked me wha

t building I was in because there weren't very many bed bug reports, considering the number of apts in Stuy town. I gave her my address and there were a few moments of silence as she must have been checking a list but she did not reassure me and say, " No there are no reports of bedbugs in your building" so I am inclined to think that there was/is a problem. So, if u live in this building please be aware, they may still be around. EW!!

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