123 Washington St
New York, NY 10006-1509

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5/31/11 - Stayed at room 2209 for 2 nights with my husband for two nights. First night was fine, but the second night i woke up with bug bites all down both my arms. Had about 12 bites and they swelled up during the day and are red and itchy. Asked the hotel to move me as I was staying for 3 nights. Agreed to move me and are investigating the claim. My husband had no bites. I am convinced this is bed bugs.

Stayed at W Downtown (123 Washington st). Before unpacking, I do a thorough inspection (use flashlight), looking at walls, baseboard, under mattress, around headboard, under sheets and under mattress pad, and in drawers. I found no evidence of bed bugs so I felt safe. However, woke up next morning with about 10 bites on my right side (some in the classic line pattern) that began to swell throughout the day. I contacted the hotel. They were courteous and prompt and by the next day they e-mai

led me an inspection report from a professional exterminator that said they found no evidenceo of bed bug activity. However, I have the marks to prove that I was bit while sleeping there and I am 99% sure it was a bed bug. I don't blame the hotel - it is clean and well taken-care of and it was responsive to my complaint, but anyone staying there (like anywhere else) should take precautions.

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