52 William St
New York, NY 10005-2802

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First time in new york. I am from texas and rarely travelso i was excited...got bit once or twice thinking it was random from a fly or something...when i got home it got worse after a week or so.my family and i began to get bites. To make long story short we got an exterminator out and confirmed it was bed bugs...more than likely brought them home from the hotel. Now im stuck with a big exterminator bill with many bites..what is worse is my seven year old son got bit t bg e worst...i hope thes

e bites go away and the bugs gone for ever.....it is horrible exoerience...i will never travel to new york again

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This is the 3rd time I had stayed at this hotel and never had any issues my 2 previous stays nor have I had any experience with bed bugs so I didn't know what the symptoms were until a friend told me about what she had seen I was experiencing.

On the morning after the second night of my stay, I noticed I had all these itchy red spots on various parts of my body and I was sneezing like crazy. I am rarely ever sick so I figured I was just allergic to the dustmites (which was odd since I had ne

ver really had issues at this hotel before). I didn't think too much about it and figured I was just getting sick (but it didn't explain the weird, itchy bites I had on my body).

Also, I was in one of their suites at a rate of almost $400/night! I had never had these issues in the smaller, less expensive rooms I had previously stayed in at this hotel.

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