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Bedbugs Force Juicy Couture To Close 5th Avenue Store
Besides teen girls, The Real Housewives of Wherever and, well, dudes, guess who likes velour sweats with the word "Juicy" on the butt of the pants? Bedbugs! The Fifth Avenue Juicy Couture store has been closed because of the horrible pests—CEO Edgar Huber sent an email to the "Juicy Team":

Now That you read it...

If you are shopping in NYC make sure you check the garment you are buying for bedbugs. Do not try anything on before exam

ining it. If you are going to the movies (being almost half of them now have bedbugs) make sure you bring a change of clothes to change into before you enter your apartment after you come home. Put your movie clothes in a clear plastic bag for a week and check for bugs. If you are traveling put your luggage in a clear bag before putting it in the Taxi trunk. This way no bedbugs can get in. You are a New Yorker, no one will think you are crazy for acting normal.

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