73 E 3rd St
New York, NY 10003-9003

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My family and I made a reservation for this hotel suite 75-B4 Bala but once we got settled into our room around 10pm we actually found two bed bugs sitting on the sheets!! We had been concerned prior to the visit and asked the hotel manager about bed bugs and she responded that they had never had a complaint before and that she would be happy to move us to another building if we found any however the number she gave us to call did not reach anyone but an answering machine when we needed it! We h

ad to pack up and find another hotel that night. This establishment "Sanctuary Guest Sweets" did give us a refund for our reservation however they continued to deny that they had ever had such a complaint before even though we learned from another employee that the people who clean the rooms had been complaining to the managers about bed bugs!!!

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Stayed here with our family in May of this year. My daughter had 20-30 bites all over her arm and on her legs.

July, 2007 - Apt #C4

My friend and I stayed at this apt for a week. We didn't realize there were bedbugs until 3 days before we left. We had about 30-40 bites each.

The owner of the apt tried to convince us that they didn't exist by coming in during the day to check the sheets, around the bed, and corners of the bedroom. Of course, bedbugs are nocturnal and come out at night. He also semi-accused us that we brought them in.

I've stayed here before and had a wonderful experience. Bu

t I won't be coming back here again because of the bedbugs...at least not for a long while.

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