347 E 5th St
New York, NY 10003-8802

Found 3 reports:

Bedbug infestation has currently recurred in at least one apartment in the building. A bedbug-sniffing dog found evidence, and a live bedbug was found by an inspector. The locations of the evidence make it clear that this is a building-wide issue and the bugs are traveling between apartments.

Update to the previous report: The possible recurrence in 2012 was a false alarm, thankfully!

In Summer & Fall 2011, bedbug infestations were found in at least 3 apartments in the building. The management company was incredibly unhelpful, rude, and unwilling to communicate clearly or take steps to protect the whole building. Multiple treatments by the management's exterminators did not resolve the problem, so at least one tenant was forced to hire a different company. That company was successful, until June 2012, when the bugs came back again.

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