331 E 5th St
Manhattan, NY 10003-8802

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I lived in 331 for two years (June,2009-July,2011) and never had a problem with bedbugs.

Please note that the only post regarding this location reports an incidence in May 2010, but the move date is posted 9/2011!!. Who would stay 1.5 years in a building that truly was infested?

I lived in this building for 3 years. In late May, 2010, my girlfriend and I did an inspection upon receiving bites while sleeping. There were bedbugs everywhere, in the light fixtures, dead carcasses caked in my bedframe. The landlord was in denial about the issue and he did not use decent exterminators. Every person that I spoke with in the building also had bedbugs. Nightmare. $5K later and throwing out all of my furniture, I moved to stuy town where they handle problems such as this in a muc

h better and adult fashion. The laundromat next door even had bedbugs crawling on the walls. AVOID this street if possible.

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