310 E 6th St
New York, NY 10003-8701

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I live at 310 East 6th St. and have bedbugs, starting in 2008. I have had a terrible time getting the landlord to start exterminating, and repairing cracks and holes where bugs could get in. He finally sent the exterminator, but as the landlord refused to mend cracks, they kept coming back. Finally I got him to repair many of the remaining cracks, after making repairs on my own. I believe I am at the moment, bug free, but I have heard that two other apartments at least in this building have had


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During 2006 and early 2007, it took me two full fumigations and several spot sprays (by an exterminator) to get rid of the bed bugs I had in apartment 5 at this building -- plus throwing out two beds, a couch and much else. The landlord paid for all exterminations but was reluctant. One other tenant on a higher floor said they had a terrible longstanding problem with them. I was then free of bedbugs for at least six months, though I then moved, so I can't say for certain what the outcome was.

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