306 E 6th St
New York, NY 10003-8701

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I lived in this building from January - November 2010, in Apt #9. Over the course of 10 months, I saw approximately 6 or 7 live bed bugs. I bagged them in plastic ziplock bags and had them formally identified by the exterminator each time. They were always in the bathroom of the apartment. The management company provided a qualified exterminator, who serviced the apt on a regular basis, and whenever I called, but the problem persisted. I think it's just that the bugs can survive extremely well i

n the walls of the apartment. Regardless, I couldn't take it anymore, so I moved out.

I learned from other tenants that in Oct/Nov/Dec 2009 the entire building was infested. It also appeared that several other apartments were still experiencing problems at the same time I was.

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Bugs are visible at daytime. Landlord is sending an exterminator whom is not doing everything required to rid #16 of bedbugs. This in part due to the fact that landlord refuses to go along with exterminators recommendation. As in sealing cracks and crevices etc.

I filed an HP. Landlord is refusing to relocate me even though I have a Doctors statement that I am allergic to the bites and can not live on the premises due to my health. I have cried in my landlords office several times, a

nd he doesn't care.

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Exterminators came out twice and sprayed apartments 8, 12, and 16. Said that the bedbugs definitely started in apartment 8. I have not seen any more bugs there but I'm moving anyway. If you move in to apartment 12 be on the lookout for bugs as I was told that apartment 8 did no prep because they are elderly. But they did have the apartment sprayed. I have a feeling they might come back. But so far haven't seen any. I'm getting my apartment treated again right before I move so 12 will have been

treated three times and I did thourogh prep. Good luck!! I hope they're really gone for good.

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Spotted several bed bugs in my apartment. No bites but knew what they looked like. Turned them in to exterminator and he confirmed. Apartment to be exterminated asap.

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