229 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003-7612

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Do not Move into this building!! Spent 1000's of dollars on exterminators (because management wouldn't) dry cleaning my clothes including tee shirts and buying a new mattress. Nothing worked. After wiping out a nice chunk of my savings and throwing out literally everything I owned including tv, radio, alarm clock and love seat and the new mattress and box spring, I broke my lease and got the HELL out of there. Things with sentimental value like photo albums I sealed in plastic containers and

put in storage for 6 months just to make sure that anything that may have creeped in would be dead. I'm just learning about this site. I moved out in 2006.

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Bites on and off for months, finally just found a dead bedbug. other people in the building have had problems before this. exterminator they sent to other units in the past is useless.

residents of 186 Norfolk St, 188 and 184 Norfolk St. also infested. All owned by Granite International Management. Management has known of issue for a while and has now hired a pest control company to comprehensively manage problem. While the management company is addressing the problem, they seem to be addressing the issue fairly late and at their convinience.

still trying to get rid of them Very bad

People being bitten for over a month, finally tenants (us) bitten while we slept...waiting for management company of bldg to act upon it...have sent over one person who had wrong chemicals...we have been forced to find other places to sleep for three nights so far....

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