217 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003-7601

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Bed bugs were discovered mid august. I was getting bit for 2 week prior before I inquired with the management about a possible bug infestation. My management accidentally admitted they had a problem before and then took the statement back weeks later claiming it was my fault. Before I even saw the bug that day, I called to ask questions. She immediately sent the protocol for what to do and a number for an exterminator. At that point i knew i was screwed! I had two exterminations over the next

month. (Never stayed there again, but stuff being properly bagged etc) I don't believe the management ever did a third extermination. I had scheduled the first two. When I finally moved the last of my stuff out on September 30th, the super said there was STILL evidence of bed bugs. They were already showing my apt at the time. The management company were not easy to deal with and extremely rude. In addition, their building next door 215 East 10th Street also had a bed bug infestation. The same day my second extermination was scheduled, they sprayed 7 apartments. Moral of the story, I lost well over $2500 worth of my belongings and had no livable apartment from mid august through 9/30 (and it STILL wasnt fixed). Thankfully, my lease was up on 9/30 and I moved. The management will continue to churn people in and out of their buildings regardless of the situation fixed or not - BEWARE (also not exterminated the whole building!!)... I understand they need to turn a profit, but they are absolutely heartless!

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