145 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003-5703

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I posted an earlier report but failed to include the apartment number. Now the apartment is on the market and I'm worried that a new tenant will get an infestation. I have tried and tried to get the landlord to spray the apartment before the bugs move to all of the other apartments but he refuses. Citi-Urban management is the worse management company in NY! If you are looking to move, do not move into 145 2nd Ave, #23. The previous tenant had bedbugs all over her mattress when she moved out

and then landlord will not spray. Said he cleaned and painted so now its fine. Like I said-total idiot!

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My neighbor moved out this weekend and the mover found live bedbugs all over her mattress. The building management claims that they will get an exterminator but my calls have not been returned and nobody has come to spray. The unit is empty and I would like them to get rid of the problem before they infest my apartment (we share a hall and walls) or another tenant moves in and has the same problem! I also think that they entire building should be notified and every apartment checked and spray

ed. We pay a LOT of money in rent and should not have to live with this!

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