96 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003-5508

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I lived in apartment 2R and unfortunately had not checked this registry previously. My roommate and I got bites for months on end and were told they were not bedbugs by the building exterminator who came on a monthly basis. After 10 months of living in hellish denial, we did research and had a private exterminator confirm there is a massive infestation. If you are reading this, do not get involved with this landlord in any monetary way.

We live in apartment 2R and have been getting bites for about 2 months. They didn't get too serious until recently so we didn't think they were necessarily bedbugs. I found one in the middle of the night and took it to the exterminator where she confirmed it was a bedbug. We are moving out of the apartment and getting all belongings fumigated.

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