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Sat, June 30th, 2012
AMC Leows Movie Theater on 3rd Ave and 11th St.

In the first auditorium on the ground floor/main level, 11pm show of Magic Mike, I believe I was bitten by bed bugs. I woke up Sun morning with 7 terribly itchy red welts on my elbow and down the back of my forearm - patterened in a line. I know they were bed bug bites because I had them 2 years ago and they looked the same. And were crazy itchy.

AMC Loews Village 7 - Auditorium #6 (top floor).

Two days after seeing a movie in this theater (wearing a skirt), I noticed a cluster of red itchy bites had emerged on my leg. I have had bedbugs, years ago, and these seem to be similar to those bites. (I *don't* currently have bedbugs, so this has set off a wave of panic, but I have not gotten any new furniture/clothes/items lately, so the movie theater seems the most likely culprit.) I definitely had creepy-crawly sensations while in the

dark theater. Anyone else had a recent experience there?

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AMC Loews Village 7 - Possible infestation in theater #2 (NOT CONFIRMED)

Friday 11/5/2010, 11:30am showtime. Sitting about 1/4 in from the back, center of the row. To the right of me was a seat missing the cushion - could've been a possible warning sign. Returned home and approximately 3 1/2 hrs later (5pm) a cluster of bites appeared on my RIGHT torso. Started out itchy, whitish in color and turned red after a shower. It looks like at least 15 bites, possibly more. The itchiness has su


Have not contacted theater management as of yet...

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