351 E 18th St
New York, NY 10003-2802

Found 2 reports:

No bedbugs at this location as of 08/01/12 after exterminating company check

for the past 4 months my roomate has been getting bitten of and on. in the past 3 weeks the bugs have spread to the 2nd floor.

we know the origin was a card reader located on teh first floor of 351 east 18th street, next to the cleaners. it was a disgusting place and once we got the first exterminators to go in there they found "tons of bugs" as the exterminator put it.

the mgmt of the building, first mgmt, decided to just treat with chemicals in my friends bedroom and now they are merel

y spreading higher up through the walls; that is what they do, move away from chemicals.

they are now refuting the inspection we paid for by bell environmental and had canines go in today to inspect the apartment. they claim they found no sign of bed bugs but the bites on my body would say otherwise

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