253 South St
New York, NY 10002-7827

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I was at the Hamilton Madison House treatment clinic engaged in an therapy session with my doctor in room 203. This building is locatoed at 253 South St.

I noticed what looked like a small bug crawling across my pant leg very quickly. I smooshed by folding my pants, and picked it up with a napkin. A bed bug. It was hiding in the seat cushion, and was trying to hitch a ride with me back to my apartment.

My therapist said "Many of my patients here are transient and or live in public housing.


That was enough for me. I flipped the chair over and could not find a nest but these little bastards can hide really well.

Oddly enough, I started getting bites the same day after my first visit to this clinic just two weeks ago. The entire clinic is infested with Beg Bugs, and the staff don't really seem to care. They have an ""oh it's just a bug" attitude, not fully knowing the magnitude of this epidemic.

I'm talking about factors such as

-thousands of dollars in exterminators fees
-lost time from work
-scars from the bites
-a fear of going to sleep at night
-the repulsive nature of these little sneaky beasts
-The fact that they spread staph, MRSA and hepatitis

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