221 E Broadway
New York, NY 10002-5602

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4 months later the bedbugs are back as expected. This time tenants were able to convince landlord to not use a discounter exterminator with hazardous chemicals. The walls are a facade on top of old tenement structure. Mildew/ rodents are always present and now the bed bugs are back once again. Rent controlled tenants surrounding renovated apartments are too afraid to confront landlord, but get bitten as well.
Fingers crossed the problem will get taken care of now once and for all with new house


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The above noted infestation was treated on 6/30 by metro pest control. The landlord refused to work with tenant suggestions of more well regarded exterminators. The apartments were treated with chemicals. The landlord also refused compensation for dry cleaning and bed covers. We will see if the this bargain treatment will help contain the problem.

There was an infestation in several units of this building that was discovered on 6/20. The treatment is scheduled to be first addressed on 6/30. We will see if this resolves the situation, or if further treatments are needed.

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