15 Essex St
New York, NY 10002-4602

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After getting exterminated a week and a half ago, we found bedbugs again on 8/14/11. The exterminator (Key Pest Control) hired by the landlord was rude and did not seal the apartment properly. The ongoing construction in the building is also contributing to the pest infestation.

We found out that we had bedbugs on 7/27/2011. We reported everything to our landlord as soon as we found out, and they sent someone to exterminate a week and a half later. However, we believe the bedbugs came from our neighbors. So far the landlord has not done anything to contact the neighbors or inspect any other apartments. There is so much construction in the building and many open surfaces in the walls and ceilings that let bugs and other pests in. The building is not well managed, and the

re will probably be another infestation in the building soon.

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