122 Norfolk St
New York, NY 10002-3352

Found 2 reports:

Booked into the Paramount Hotel for one night (my birthday) with spouse and 2 young children. About 12.30am, while watching tv, noticed a 'tick' type insect on the headboard. Captured it in a ziplock bag. Searched the bed, mattress etc, found nothing else. 15 mins later, found another one. Within 10 more minutes, captured about 10 of them on both ours and the children's beds.

Took evidence down to reception where we were promptly offered another room. Moved 2 sleeping kids and all our be

longing (and probably some bugs) to our new room at 1.30am. Sat up all night watching for more bugs but didn't see any.

Hotel offered us complimentary breakfast next day and wrote up security report but did not want to refund me my money. They were not very nice about the whole incident. I should have stood in the lobby for about 10 minutes and yelled that they have bedbugs on the 5th floor, maybe that would have worked. They did say they would shut down the room for 3 days and that they have NEVER had this problem before!

Checked everyone for bites for a few days, none seen. Hopefully. we didn't bring any home with us.

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Since June 2006, 6 or more apartments in the building are battling bed bug infestations.

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