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I had a miserable time dealing with what I believed to be bedbugs in this apartment building. I went to my physician, who confirmed the bites were bedbug bites, and spent thousands of dollars and countless weeks treating my infestation. After my terrible experience, I vowed to move out. My troubles only got worse from here!
I posted a bedbug report on this website in hopes that no other consumer would have to go through my troubles. Instead of contacting me to understand what

I went through, the landlord Kieter refused to give back my deposit until I removed the report. Even worse, he had his relative, Rebecca Chan (a lawyer), threaten me with litigation (for what? Telling the truth and warning other consumers?).Although I showed him doctor's notes indicating that I had dealt with bedbugs, he refused to believe me unless I "presented a bedbug to him myself". Keep in mind this was AFTER I had moved out-- not the way to treat your residents!
Eventually I promised to take down the report on the condition that the landlord would have the apartment inspected and fumigated, to ensure the next owner would not have to deal with the bedbug problem. Months later and countless attempts at contacting him, Kieter has refused to show me any documentation proving this.
I would watch out for this building and the landlord, Kieter Chan. I found him to be quite dishonest in his dealings with me.
Oh, and because I have no doubt he will threaten litigation: All of these bedbug claims are of course ALLEGED, because despite my doctor's confirmation and notes and my findings and calls to my landlord about the bedbugs, I never showed my landlord the physical bedbugs.

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