85 Pitt St
New York, NY 10002-2512

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Is there still bed bugs here?

I wanted to report that apartment 12 at 85 Pitts St. was treated for bed bugs on 3-9-10. The treatment was a heat process and was a success. We just did another follow up call today and there are still no bed bugs at that aparment. New management was great to work with and we were paid on time. Thanks

For more info. on killing bed bugs with heat go on line. Do your research! Its the only thing at seems to work!

August 14 2009

This building is so disgusting. The super is a lazy alcoholic and never cleans the hallways, garbage area or stairs. The whole building looks and smells like a dumpster.

I reported a bed bug problem a couple of months ago and notified the landlord who never returned any of my calls. Things got so bad that I was leaving him 5 messages a day while living in the Gem hotel or commuting from my families house upstate.

He finally agreed to send over the exterminator. He made

an appointment with me and never showed up. I tried to call the landlord but he was out of town. We brought in our own exterminator and the bugs are gone for now but I know they will be back. Word to the wise: Don't move here. It's really pyschologically damaging and you wind up not enjoying yourself while you are home because you are paranoid.

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The new owners won't take proper action on this building. They spray once and hope that works, but the reality is that *there is no chemical that can kill a bedbug*! The exterminator claimed that he hit us so hard with the chemicals and diatomaceous earth that it would penetrate the walls. That complete bull. The only thing known to kill an egg is freezing or heating to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

The owners refused to exterminate more than once a month, so we had to

pay our own guy to exterminate another three times (the minimum required exterminations each month to kill bedbugs). We sealed every crack in the apartment (no small feat!), put all of our things into plastic bins, sent them off to storage for the year, and finally moved out.

Unless the landlord treats the ENTIRE BUILDING and does so FOUR TIMES in ONE MONTH, they won't ever be able to take care of the problem.

Bed bugs feed on you, then can lay up to 5 eggs a day, which hatch anywhere form 7 - 14 days after being laid. 2 weeks and you've got 5 times the infestation. The only way to handle this is repeated treatments.

If you insist on staying in the building, pay for your own guy to come every week for a month and then twice a month after that until you're convinced the problem is solved. Also, seal up every crack in the apartment (EVERY one), as well as the outlets and light switches. And treat the apartment and furniture every few days with diatomaceous earth, vacuuming it up and re-treating the place periodically between exterminations. Also, make sure you've got a good exterminator - he should come in wearing a wetsuit! If he's wearing anything less, he's not doing the job right.

My suggestion, though, is to pay for your own treatment, then send your stuff to storage and live out of a suitcase in a new apartment for 18 months. It's the best bet to being free from them. Of course, the psychological damage they do is another matter...

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I have been battling bed bugs in my apartment since 2007. The old owners said they never knew we had any but then other tenants told me they had been seeing them for up to 2 years prior. If the old owners had done something back then, this problem wouldn't have spread from tenant to tenant. We tossed our furniture when the exterminator recommended it and got sprayed. New owners took over this year and my apartment has been sprayed 4 times through out the last 7 months. I don't think it's he

lping and I'm sure the bed bugs are still infecting other apartments. What are you suppose to do?

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I just caught a bedbug crawling across my floor! I freaked and tried to kill it, but after I hit it, I went to get something to pick it up with, and it was gone by the time I got back.

Now I know where that bite on my hand came from! I've only lived here one week, and already I'm having problems!

Word to the wise - DO NOT MOVE TO 85 PITT STREET!!!

My boyfriend has been living in this building for over 6 years. We discovered bites all over us. Turns out it's bed bugs. I found one and shipped it to Harvard Medical Lab. They verified it was a bed bug. We reported it to the owner and he waited over a month to call an exterminator. The first time, the extermination didn't work. We complained and complained and he basically told us to move. We got bit again, and finally he sent a "real" professional exterminator. Needless to say we found out th

at other tenants had them. The owner said we were the "only ones", so, he basically lied. We decided to move anyway. We had to throw out everything we owned and we have been sleeping on a air mattress and living out of plastic storage bins b/c we threw out our furniture. This has been a terrible experience. The building has been sold so I hope the new management company takes care of this. The building is so disgusting. They don't clean the hallways, the garbage is thrown out near the mailboxes, this building is gross! You walk in the building ad you smell garbage, the floors are not cleaned. This building, in my opinion is against the board of health standards!

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