195 Stanton St
New York, NY 10002-1814
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We have lived here since 2009 and only within the past week or so have found evidence of bedbugs. I don't know where they could have come from but my guess is they migrated from another apt. This building has a history of infestation so I'm honestly not surprised. We bombed the hell out of our apt. and we'll just have to wait and hope now. I am covered with old welts, no new ones since yesterday. Fingers crossed!

The building is infested with bedbugs. I exterminated many times. They don\'t go away. I moved out.

I moved into an apartment at this address on 11/08 and a couple of weeks later I starting getting bites. I didn\'t actually see one, nor did the exterminator, until about 2 months after moving in. Although it was obvious by the many bites I had, and the pattern of bites, I went to 3 doctors to confirm that they were in fact bug bites and not an allergy of some other kind. When I finally saw and captured two bedbugs, an exterminator did come to treat my apartment. About 10 days later I found anot

her one and got another bite. The exterminator came for the second and i\'m hoping final time. However, I did find out that the tenant before me had complained of bedbugs. Had I known this, of course I wouldn\'t have moved in. I have spent alot of money on laundry, dry cleaning, mattress and pillow protectors, doctor visits, medications and creams and I\'m pretty sure I will have to throw out a less than year old couch and rug. I\'m super paranoid just sitting on my couch and am constantly itchy. My home is a disaster and I\'m living out of plastic bags and suitcases. I have heard that the problem began on the 5th floor about a year and a half ago. Even if the exterminator did successfully rid my apartment of these bugs, whose to say it just won\'t be reinfested in another couple of months if the whole building isn\'t treated?

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