162 Stanton St
Manhattan, NY 10002-1704

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For the past 4 months the majority of the building has been infested with bed bugs. Tenants are at the point where they would like to withhold rent as building maintenance will not eradicate the issue. One tenant in particular is the catalyst of the building wide beg bug infestation and management does nothing. Do not live in this building unless you would like to live among bed bugs for the rest of your life. The majority of tenants have been completely compliant with pest control and managemen

t. If you are smart you will not be associated with any buildings owned by Park Square Associates d.b.a PSA Leasage.

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This has been an ongoing issue for the last two months since I moved into the apartment. I recently found blood droplets on my bed sheets when I'd wake up in the morning with bites on my arms. Now I think it's moved to my sofa and I am always bit when I sit on it.

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