199 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002-1417

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kudos for you for being such a active and apparently honest owners/managers. I would feel safe renting from owners such as your self

We are the landlord/management company of this building. Although this was reported anonomously, we previously had a tenant on record who reported that she had bedbug bites. We immediately arranged for the pest control technician to conduct an inspection of the apartment. Although no evidence of activity was found, the landlord arranged for the bedbug service. This tenant however, chose a specialized treatment and paid for the additional cost herself.

Although the management responded pro

mptly the tenant chose to move out the day after the treatment and furthermore chose not to pay rent. The security deposit was applied towards her overdue rent. The roommates continued to live in the apartment with no complaints. The apartment was again inspected after the tenants vacated and no sign of bedbug activity was found. We pride ourselves in outstanding tenant relations and have a stellar reputation.

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July / August 2010

we had a bed bug problem at the end of july/beginning of august in our apartment. i had my room heat treated (expensive, but effective) and the rest of the apartment had a chemical treatment.

apparently other apartments in the building were having problems as well.

still fighting with the landlord to get our security deposit back!

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