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Sitting in the middle section in the chairs, third row on the end. Felt bites on my legs, found about 10 bites. Don't know if they are bed bugs or not. Hope not, but the UCB seems like a dirty place.

I was leaning against the carpeted wall towards the back in the standing room area on Monday night at Whiplash. I got bites on parts of my left and right arms that rested against the wall. The bites didn't become noticeable until the next morning. I was worried that my home became infested suddenly, but I came here to see if other people had this happen to them while at UCB. Clearly, this seems to be the case.

Got bites on my arm at UCB (upright citizens brigade), while sitting in the last row by the wall near the booth, where guys control sound and lights (9/16/2011)

On another occasion, got bites while leaning on the counter by wall opposite the stage (July 2011).

Getting bitten more than once made me think it's not an accident, that's why I started googling to see if others noticed this too...

Three months ago, I got bites all over my left forearm from leaning on the carpeted wall in the standing room only section on the back. Recently, two other people I know received bites from leaning on the same area.

Spoke to the bartender (6 years @ UCB) and box office manager (13 years @ UCB) after a show tonight (June 29, 2011) and both told me that they have never seen any bed bugs while working at the theater.

On October 3rd, 2010 my wife and I went to the Upright Citizens Brigade theater for a show. during the first half we both felt like there had been a bug crawling under our clothes on our legs. At the 5 minute break when the lights were up my wife actually grabbed a bug that was under her pants on her leg. We saw it before it wriggled away and it was definitely a bedbug.

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