436 W 27th St
New York, NY 10001-5602

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it happened 2 times- I stayed with my mom on 12/19/10- the first time it happened after my father passed away, I stayed with her and was fine until I was going home and then I got bites on my fingers and hands, I thought it was from my basement, that a spider had bitten me than my sister stayed with my mom and she has bites all on her back. My mom did not get any bites, so we thought it can be that and then 4 weeks ago 1/7/11, I stayed at my moms and came home with at least 8 bites, on my arms

and legs. I washed everything the minute I came through the door. my mom finally believed that she had them when they started biting her. She has only lived there for 6 months and is miserbale and now this.

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