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Actually welts are not a result of getting bitten for months. It is a result of being allergic to them. I only know because I found out (after many expensive doctor's exams) that I had an allergy to them. I was getting bit outside my home and I too brought them home.

I was considering going here for therapy but this review made me reconzider. Bed bugs are horrible. I had to terminate my lease and lost all my furniture because it got so infested. One pregnant bug carries 500 eggs. One day you

have one bug, next week you have an infestation.

You should treat your office! Quick!

see full report...

welts? my understanding is welts take months to develop from sleeping with them not knowing. i find it hard to believe you got welts from a dr.s office maybe bites

Went to my therapist's office in the Penthouse and came home with "welts" on my leg. Went the next week, nothing. Week after that "welts" on my foot. You get the picture. Brought them home; got both therapy and bed bugs . . .

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