360 W 30th St
New York, NY 10001-2704

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Bedbugs definitely lived there 3 years ago. Weekly rent can be a life saver. I saw that old man on the second floor take shits with the door open and piss in the shower. Use your sink for pee and poo in a bucket.

one other thing you can do is call or write ny1 or any of the news stations maybe they will do a report on this building that will get the landords atten

many hpd violations including bed bugs on this building. i feel for you and think you should forward this to your city council person and bloomberg himself. buildings ownners or managing agents who let this go on need to get their act together. call 311 complain about quality of life issues. the city needs to step in on this situtation

Living in this place, they acquired bedbugs and the whole place is infested. They have a lot of homeless people living in there who don't even pay. There were people on the upper floors who didn't say anything but they were completely covered with sores, and only said something when a flier was put under everyone's door informing them of the situation. People got angry like the big black girl in apartment 9 or 10 when they were informed because they were so lazy and didn't want to be bothered be

cause the rent was low. There's a guy in apartment 10 or 11, who used too stand in the shower and urinate in it with the door open. I guess the bathroom was too much for him. He got angry when being called out on it. This crazy old man is called Dooley, and he's still living there for no rent I'm sure. This person living next to us was so selfish and screwed everyone by leaving her mattress, this European girl, in the hallway for everyone to brush against and get infected. That's how we did, we had no idea about it at the time and kept brushing against it in the small hallway. This place should be condemned, but the freeloaders don't care about bedbugs when they live there virtually rent free.

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This building has been infested with bed bugs for years. Owner continues to hide this fact from potential and new tenants and rents the apts anyway- exposing people to a horrible and devastating contamination.

I saw the manifestation of bed bugs just 2 days after entering an apt at 360 W 30th. i quickly notice the displeasure most tenants had toward the landlord(s) for blatant failure and negligence in addressing the bug bug issue.

The ENTIRE building is grossly infested, and the landlord

has stated that he has no intention to get an exterminator.

RUN from this hell.

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