433 W 34th St
New York, NY 10001-2345

Found 4 reports:

I have bed bugs now...moved from a studio apartment to a 1BR in this building. Found out from the landlord now, after the fact, that the person below us had them too. I saw a couple of them over the past week or so. Spoke to super, who said he will get it treated.

Fortunately there haven't been any infected apartments here for a while. I believe (hope) residents have gotten better at reporting problems to the Super. He, in turn, calls the exterminator who treats the apartment as well as checks neighboring units. If you suspect you have bedbugs in your apartment, don't try to treat it yourself. Tell the Super immediately!

I know of many bed bug incidents in this building. Currently, one of my neighbors has them.

Found bedbugs in my apartment in July 2010, and they continue into August 2010. The were not only on my bed, but also in my bathroom (on the wall and in the shower).

No nearby bug reports