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No me acuewrdo exacto el dia pero binieror uns personas y sacaro a mis hijas para afuera com 8 horas una manejadora dijo que no era culpa de ella si no de la compania del gas.En fin otra me dio 3 opsiones 1-que si me queria mover temporal 2-sime queria ir de alli pues para otro pues qu tenia que esperar.3-que me descontaba la renta ,ninguna de las tres paso.Luego a mi esposa nunca le dijeron que era lease y no renta,.Lo unico que medijeron,yo trabajo para el govierno,bueno pero nos cobran la ren

ta alta,pues solo quieren el dinero,solicito el contrato de manejar los edificis.

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it started a over a year ago, we moved in from are aunts house which had never had bed bugs. we move into the pinewood apartments the same night we moved in, we my son my wife and I got bit at least a dozen times on are backs legs under the arms and even the face it was terrible we called the apartment complex that night and no answer. we left and went to a hotel we had to stay out of the aprtment for 3 days before they finally tolk care of it they gave use 14 dollars to wash 40 loads of loundry

and didn"t comp us for the hotel expense. very poor managment AKA CARLOS HE SHOULD BE FIRED FOR NOT DOING HIS JOB AND LYING TO PEOPLE BEFORE THEY MOVE IN SAYING THE APARTMENT IS READY TO MOVE IN, now guess what the bugs are back it's been a year now and we are getting bit agian and now they managment team is at it agian the bug man list is full and they can't fit us in until the 27th and its the 12th we called on the 3rd and they said the 14th and two days ago they tell use they moved the day back because they don't have room on the list.

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