557 Sierra Vista Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89169-3705
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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I have been a resident at Sierra Park for years and the past manager Glen really did care about any problems we had here and even paid money out of his own pocket to help out where he could and bought me a couch when he got paid to help me out as i was laid off at the time. Guy had a big heart and was screwed over. When Glen was here we had Terminix also. Most of the time a bedbug infestation or break-out is the fault of one of us tenants who get couches and furniture out of dumpsters, off the c

urb or have friends come over with them or their eggs on their clothes. The roaches are in every building in the world so a clean house and good pest control works well. I know that Greg C. tenant who wrote that statement and he was one of the biggest slobs I have ever seen and he is just trying to deflect the fact of this and make it seem like managements fault. The current manager Bill is kinda lazy and layed back and is basically just collecting a check and free apartment and is never in the office to take pest control complaints.

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As the previous post states, "In the Past". Roaches come and go to all areas, the persons cleanliness has a major impact as well.

Bedbugs do not grow out of the air, they are brought in to a home, generaly by furniture or clothing from thrift type stores.

This complex is a respectable run apartment comunity, we address problems as soon as we are informed. Terminix is here every two weeks to address any concerns brought forth by any resident.

Sierra Park Mgt.

This apartment complex (Sierra Park Apartments) has had severe bed bug and roach infestation problems for years. They don't take the bug problem serious. If you complain that your apartment is infested they throw the furniture out and won't replace it saying it's our fault.