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These are 4 plex apartments that all have different owners. I guess it's been about 1 month now we have been battling the bedbugs. We have a good idea where/how the bedbugs got into our home but it has been a living hell the past month. There are 4 of us that live in our home (2 adults & 2 children), 3 out of 4 us have been bitten severely on a daily basis.
I've never encountered anything like this before, but I will say this, I'd rather have roaches then bedbugs. We've already had to throw o

ur bed in the trash, our kids beds are ruined, along with both of their BRAND new bed sets that cost $50.00 each and there beds (bunkbed set) cost $300.00.
Here is a tip for everyone who is also dealing with bedbgs, get the GREEN rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle and any time you see one spray it on them and it kills them within just 5-10 seconds. NO it will NOT get rid of them, but it helps to prevent from getting bite or more eggs being laid.

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