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Moved into apartment that had been vacant for 6 months, on 5-30-2010, and on 6-22-2010, woke to find a bed bug on me. Found several others in my bed. Reported immediately to the aprartment complex. The next week, I had to move everything back out in black platic bags, prepare for fumigation by their Pest control company. Now they have charged me for the fumigation, which was due immediately. Now, I am reporting that I have seen a bed bug on the ceiling in the same bedroom that they seem to be is

olated in. I have not moved back in this master bedroom since I found the bugs. If there is 1 left, there are more. The aprtment complex states that I brought them with me, as they were found in my bed...which I did throw away...out of fear. They were found in my bed, because they live off of human blood...and that is why they are called bed bugs! If I would have brought these, there would be infestation in everyhting I own. Was isolated in the 1 room at the time, and now since I have found another bug, after 2 months later.....they are still here!! I need some assistance, as this is not my fault, and I have this in my lease, that tenant to prep home for fumigation, which I did. Took me 3 full days and nights to repack everyhting I had just moved in there, into black plastic bags to set in the intense heat outside for apprx. 12 hours. I then had to move everything back in, and put away. I couldn't have help with this preparation for fear that a friend would then bring them to their home, so this was done by myself......and THEY ARE STILL HERE!!!!! If I found one, they ARE NOT GONE. And 1 was found again 9-5-2010......over 2 months later!!

I tried to post this on the sight, but kept having errors. Please see the pictures that I have...and evertime I capture one, I put them in a little bottle, so they die.

I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can give. I can't live like this, and breaking my lease would cost me too much money, as I would be charged for this. Moving is expensive..Bed Bugs are expensive, Attorny's are expensive. Help

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