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On Sunday, April 25th at approx. 4:30 in the morning my husband woke me up to complain about bites on his legs from something in our hotel bed. He asked if anything bit me, and i said no, looked over and noticed that he was sleeping under the comforter rather than the sheets like I was. My husband then kicked off the comforter and ran into the shower. After his shower he put his jeans on and slept the rest of the morning in the living room on the couch until check out at 10am. Everyone in our ro

om was disgusted by all the bites on my husbands legs, we all made fun of him and said he was going to turn in to spiderman. A couple of days later my husband woke up in the middle of the night at around 3:30 in the morning and was complaining that he didn't feel good and that his legs were bothering him to much. So he went to the emergency and the Dr said he had almost 100 bites on his legs from contact with a nest of bed bugs or maybe spiders, since they both bite the same. But we've been looking closely at the marks and can see a patter of three marks indicating the feeding pattern of bed bugs. My husband was prescibed medication for the pain as well as the infection! DISGUSTING!!!!

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