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I stayed there October 20 - 25 and was not aware od bedbug reports. I brought the bastards home and am now going through the clean up. Don't stay at this hotel! The have had reports of bed bugs and have done nothing.

We flew in on Thursday, February 9, 2012, and we were staying in Room 3079. I first noticed a bite on Saturday, February 11, but didn't think anything of it. I noticed a few more as the vacation went on. We left on Monday. A few days later, I could see five total painful bites on my hands and arms. They swelled up and itched like crazy! I'm so glad there were only five!!! After reading about how badly other reporters of bed bugs were treated when calling the hotel, I decided not to bother. I'm j

ust glad they're finally not itching anymore. Now I'm waiting for the big red bumps to go away away so I won't have to be embarrassed when I wear my brand new engagement ring!! I haven't gotten bitten since I got home so, luckily, they didn't come back with me. ** I already submitted this review under the Cosmopolitan heading, not just the address, but couldn't find it when I went back a few days later so I'm resubmitting it here so that the site reflects a recent bed bug experience. **

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My wife and I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Aug 29th and 30th, on the last day my wife noticed three bumps on her right leg that itched and were sore. We stayed on the 58th floor of the West Tower. We immediately washed and fumigated our bags upon returning home. Really disappointed, beautiful hotel. Just wanted to make people aware.

i am covered with bed bug bites from staying at their room for 2 nights. After first night, i had a couple line of bite marks on my stomach and arm. It got better throughout the day until i went to sleep again, waking up with bite marks everywhere.

I didn't get a chance to complain to management.

I went to bed my first night at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas mid-June and woke up covered with bites from the knees down. Not knowing what it was I went to a pharmacy on the Las Vegas strip. Immediately two pharmacists at that location said it was bed bugs and I needed to get out of that room. I went back to the Cosmopolitan and reported everything to management. I was moved from the room.

The second day at the hotel my legs and feet began to swell and were still covered in bites. We le

ft the Cosmopolitan after staying for three days. When I got home my legs and feet were so swollen I couldn't even put on my shoes.

The hotel took pictures and a report from me while I was there. I also took pictures myself of my swollen legs and feet when I got home and sent them to management. I remained in pain and swollen for three weeks. Meanwhile the Cosmopolitan reported the incident to their insurance carrier who denied any findings of bed bugs in the room. They sent me a letter that basically said too bad and calling me a liar. I responded to the letter stating of course they didn't find any bed bugs because they didn't want to be held accountable for my injuries on their property.

Although the hotel is beautiful, I was bitten severely by bed bugs while staying there and the hotel took no responsibility. I was moved to a different room and given $75 in food credit. WHAT?!?!? I suffered for three weeks after what was supposed to be a great vacation.

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