3700 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103-4043

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I went into my room so I could feel fresh as a daisy but instead felt like my giant head was a rotten halloween gourd, after a vicious attack that resulted in me locking myself in the bathroom. I woke up in old Vegas outside Fitzgerald's with my clothes ripped up. Onlookers said that some kids thought my head was a pinata and started bashing away. One even called it a bozo bucket. OK, back to the accomodations. When I put my considerable planet of a head upon the pillow, I threw up my buffet aft

er double digit vodka tonics and there were slot machine bugs in my puke. I took a picture of a hot waitress and called my daughter immediately. She said....stop 'bugging' me. That triggered a hiccup fit, prompted by a six hour losing binge on "Guess what number I'm thinking of". I retired to my room of horrors with food I stole out of the buffet and charged to someone else's room. I went to release my bowels and there were insects inside the toilet paper tissue. I grinded them up and smoked them in a hookah pipe, which also contained bed drug bugs. All in all, I took the worst hit in a decade, both from a joint I found on the ground, and from the craps tables. Fortunately my man friend didn't mind the sores and we were able to copulate to completion amidst all of the hungry insects.

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Me and my Husband stayed at the Rio in room 9026 during 4th of July weekend. On the plane coming home I noticed bug bites that were in a row. My husband was also biten many times. Mainly on the arms and legs. They itched so bad, when I got home I had to take Benadryl. Didn't realize what they were until I went online. Bedbugs tend to bite you in a row. The pictures of the bites online were a match to mine. My Mother in law had some very potent steroid cream that did the trick. I am still looking

everyday to see if I brought any back with me. So far so good. Now I hear what an epidemic they have become.

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