640 S 17th St
Lincoln, NE 68508-2616

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When we were looking at the apartment(July 2010), the landlord told us it was newly recarpeted (neglecting to tell us the reason). A few weeks after we moved in, I started noticing itchy bites on my arm that turned into welts if I scratched them. We couldn't discover the source but the bites multiplied prolifically to the point where my arms were so stiff and swollen that it was hard to bend them. Weeks later in September I found a dead bug on top of my sheets. I looked up bed bugs on the intern

et and then checked my bed for signs. They were all there, from the blood stains on top of my mattress to the fecal stains on the sides, from the dead bugs and shed skins to the live bugs digesting my blood. Needless to say, I did not sleep in that bed again. It was thrown away, the landlords were informed and told to spray the apartment for bed bugs, and we moved out.

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