3405 Holdrege St
Lincoln, NE 68503-1426

Found 2 reports:

I lived in these apartments from Fall 2008-December 2009. During that time my apartment was infested with bed bugs due to the neighbors across the hall whose infestation was incredibly terrible.

The landlord hired a pest control guy who didn't know what he was doing and the problem got worse. During this time our apartment had been rid of them, but we were never made aware of the apartment across the hall until I saw them tearing it apart and asked the pest control guy.

They even illegal

ly entered my apartment, searched it, without informing us or leaving a note to see if we were the source again. It wasn't until I called them irate that my things had been rifled (and poorly put back in place) to ask what was going on that they informed us of the apartment across the hall.

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Bedbugs infested apartment, don't move in !

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