881 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-2605

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Bought a leather couch from a nice family in Stratford Apts on craigslist (facepalm), cleaned it and inspected it and didn't see anything wrong with it. Was laying on it a day later and saw two tick-like insects moving across my shirt, one big and one little. ID'd the bastards as Cimex lectularius (common bedbug) and now must figure out a way to locally heat treat the %@$# couch. Lesson learned: don't buy secondhand furniture from craigslist. Couch purchased on 1.8.10, bedbugs noticed late 1.

9.10 or early 1.10.10. Searched registry and there are few reports for Chapel Hill, but strikingly one is just down the street, at 500 MLK. Nuff' said.

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