1970 Craigshire Rd
Maryland Heights, MO 63146-4008

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I stayed at the Days Inn, 1970 Craig Rd., Maryland Heights, Mo on May 20 & May 21, 2012. I am not positive this Days Inn and the 1970 Craigshire Road Days Inn are one and the same, but if you pull this address up, Craig Rd. appears on the map.....therefore I believe they are one and the same. Anyway, The second day of our stay I was bitten (while sitting on the sofa) in Room 117. We were checking out of the hotel and I didn't report it to management because I assumed it was a spider or mosqui

to bite. However, as the day progressed two more bites appeared (bed bugs bite in threes!!!) and the itching became more and more intense and redness and swelling more prominent. I checked with a Dr. and these are bed bug bites. It has been five days now and I still have three very red bites on my arm, although the itching has subsided after many applications of cortisone cream and anti-itch medications.

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