825 Berry St, Apt 109
St Paul, MN 55114-1001

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At first I just noticed rows of bites on my arms and upper chest. I talked to the nurse at my doctors office who told me it sounded like bedbugs. After looking at the bedding I noticed some small bugs and what looked like feces on the edge of the mattress. After researching online I'm sure it is bedbugs. I have just called an exterminator for nearly $700. I am also getting rid of my mattress and bedding. I hope I don't have to get rid of my other upholstered furniture...

I wish I knew h

ow this infestation started. I've heard bedbugs take over buildings so I wonder if one of my neighbors is the cause. Apparently people can pick up bedbugs almost anywhere and they are very good "hitch-hikers". I hope this solves the problem once and for all because I can't afford the costs for the exterminator and to replace my furniture and bedding again. This is a disgusting and horribly expensive experience but I will be happy to be rid of the bedbugs.

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