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I booked two nights: Aug. 2008 at the Extended Stay Hotel at Westview Dr, Frederick, MD for a business trip.
Here's my experience:
1. Day 1, checked in around 9:00 p.m. First use of the restroom, I noticed dried urine stain on the toilet seat cover, which I wiped off with wet tissue due to the late night discovery.

2, Pulled the dresser drawer to put away my clothes. Top right drawer had men's underwear, nicely placed: pair of black socks, white T-shirt and about 4 white underwear -all appe

ared clean.

Next day, I reported these events to the front desk upon my return to the hotel at around 9:30 p.m. after an all day training. She offered a switch of rooms, which I declined due to the inconvenience. I had a few hours left to do homework, sleep and pack for the next day early training.

3. Day two. Took a morning shower and felt some bumps on my left arm, noticed red skin rushes and further examination revealed more behind the back of my L knees and R calves. I notified the front desk receptionist and all she said was ok. I then asked to talk to the manager who was standing close by - the response, do you want the information of our insurance company? In disbelief, I told him that I will seek medical attention after my business training/meeting and will definitely report this incident to the Health Department.
The manager then informed me that he will reverse my hotel charges.

The red bumps/bites itched and I had someone purchase anti-itch cream to relieve the itch as I sat all day in training indoors.

After the training, I contacted a physician in VA, where I was headed prior to my trip back to CA.

The diagnosis:
Presence of multiple small, raised, erythematous eruptions on extremities highly consistent with bites from small insects.
Treatment: Application of an anti-pruritic and mild anesthetic gel to affected areas.
Additional comments: These erruptions were itchy, and occurred without having any history of food or medication allergies. You were attending indoor classes, so there was no exposure to outdoor insects. There was no previous history of previous such occurences.

Doctor's medical report and photos of skin rashes available upon request.

Aug. 7, I called Extended Stay general phone number to ask for their headquarters mailing address to file a complaint. The person that answered was helpful, gave me the phone number and gave my cell number to his manager - I have not received a call as of Aug 8 at noon. I sent an email to their online correspondent, I called the manager to discuss my complaint, 4 hours past, no calls or email received.

I am a world traveler, unfortunately, I encountered unsanitary hotel conditions in my homeland, America. What a shame.

The toilet seat uncleaned can be forgiven, the drawer with clothing is another blow. The bed bug bites is totally unforgiveable. The bedsheets did not smell fresh nor did it smell old - it now gave me doubts if it was changed at all.

Travellers, this is a health issue. BEWARE!!!!

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