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Hello again.... So to update you on my previous post.... Still have bed bugs, even after several treatments to my apartment. I wish there was a way to post the pictures of my bites on here. You'd be disgusted!!! Right now, my right forearm and hand are swollen and bitten up and in pain from being so stiff and puffy!!! We will be talking with the property manager at Overlook Manor about moving out if after these last 2 treatments, the bugs are not gone!! I will not continue to live like this!! To

day alone I have seen and squished 3 bugs and this was during the day, so I don't want to even know what goes on at night! :( I think the bed bugs came from the apartment below us because I saw the previous tenants moving out and when they were bringing their mattresses out they were covered in stains and bugs crawling around! Eeeeeewwww gross!! If there is a way to post pictures of my bites someone let me know because everyone should see what we're having to go through here!!!

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My boyfriend, 3 yr old son and I moved into the Overlook Manor apartments about a month ago. Not even 2 weeks into living there, I noticed some small bites on my arms, didn't think anything of it because it was only about 3-4 bites. However, then I saw some on my son's arms and hands and neck. Then more on me, then more on my son. While lying in bed one morning with my son, I noticed a small bug crawling up the wall above our heads... To my disgust, it was, indeed, a bed bug. I later found 2 mor

e in a crevis at the top of his wall. Found 2 crawling over my comforter one morning. That was when I lost it. I notified my rental office. They had an exterminator come out a few days later (after I came to the office personally) and he did a "spot" treatment in the rooms we found them in. I contacted my daycare provider and was told I couldn't bring him in until she had proof, in writing from the company that the place had been exterminated 3 times. I haven't had my son in daycare in over a week now. That's $120 a week wasted because I still have to pay regardless of if he attends. I'm asking for them to either reimburse me for that or take it off my rent! We shall see! Anyway, they still have to come out 2 more times to exterminate. Meanwhile... we're still being bitten! Now I'm getting bites on my legs and back!! I am so angry because I've never in my 26 years of life ever had to deal with bed bugs!! Not only that, but my little guy is being bitten even more than I am! Will update this after the issue has been taken care of!

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