W Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701

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The horrible tennants that lived below us ended up infecting our entire building. They lived on the second floor and were bitten badly but we were on the third floor and only found three bugs and never got bitten. Two of the bugs I found were alive and one was dead when I found them in a bag in my closet and on my carpet. My roommate and I slept with the lights on until the exterminator came (hoping they would not come out in the light), and we lost sleep for about 2 full months just thinking

about them crawling on us. The landlord spent over $6,000 getting the place exterminated, and the carpets and couches steam cleaned. And thankfully the second floor tennants also got evicted for several other reasons. It was hell and now every time I go to a hotel I check the sheets and mattress before I do anything else. Ive become permanently paranoid of picking them up elsewhere.

This took place over a few months in the summer of 2007. The place has been fine since then.

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