512 Savage St
Baltimore, MD 21224-4617

Found 2 reports:

Bed Bugs had NEVER been reported by the Tenants. They were evicted on 9/16/2011 and on 9/17/2011 I had a professional exterminator on the property (for Roaches crawling everywhere). The exterminator DID NOT find any Bed Bugs but had exterminated for them anyway. This property was left in such bad condition and taken 3 weeks to get clean. The Roaches were so bad that we could not get rid of them until the second visit from the exterminator. I just can’t believe that this lady’s children would

allow there mother to live under the filthy condition that she was living. PURE SLOBS …….

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The landlord is aware of the bedbugs Here but will not provide assistance in the exterminating. It has been treated but still infested. We Are moving.

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