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We are bed bug free and have been since August of 2009. We started opening our belongings again last summer after having most of the house packed into air tight bags.

We ended up using isopropyl alcohol every day on the bed and at the computer desk. We also sealed our wooden bed with clear silicone caulk.

Knock on wood, we have not had any problem in almost two years. We use a packtite on anything we buy second hand and on our luggage when we return from a trip. I strongly recommend using

a packtite and inspecting the room any time you stay at a hotel. Also treat your luggage after you fly.

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Seems I either brought them home with me from Philadelphia Downtown Marriot, or from Maryland General Hospital. Both were in the time shortly before I started getting bites at home. We have been struggling with them for 3 months.

We have encased the mattress, spread and sprayed diatomaceous earth, fumigated with ozone machine. We're now sanitizing and putting stuff into airtight zip bags and those inside plastic bins to go into storage while we clean it out of the house.

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