222 Saint Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202

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WE HAD BED BUGS!!! I do not feel we were taken serially enough by the front desk person. The security officer and the housekeeping staff were excellentl. When I called to report the problem she told me to " not to yell at her. I felt her customer service was up to par. I was awaken at 4 in the morning to my husband complaining of something biting him. When I further inspected him there was a bed bug on his t-shirt. When we pulled the sheets back we saw a handful of baby bed bugs and a couple of

adults moving fast across the sheets. We were then moved from room 1100 to 1300 where we saw blood stains on those sheets which indicated the presence of an infestation also. We were again moved to a suite on another floor where we were afraid to go back to sleep. My daughter had a basketball game at 9:00 am. We had been awake since 4:00am because of the bed bug infestation. I called 1-800 number and was on hold about 32 minutes before anyone was available to address my complaint but no one ever picked up the customer service line. Had to call back!

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