1013 Saint Paul St
Baltimore, MD 21202-2605

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This building is heavily infested. Management doesn't do anything but fog (if you don't know that is a horrible, inaffective way to get rid of bed bugs). There is also mice no matter how clean your place is and I have spotted a few roaches.

Multiple units are affected by bed bugs. People move out and management doesn't do anything to warn new tenants (obviously they only care about money) this infestation is probably spreading throughout the city due to the landlord not doing anything an

d making the situation worse.

This has been going on for over a year.

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In apartment 3 front, new tenants discovered a infestation in a bed left behind by the previous tenants after experience a severe allergic reaction to the bites.

Bed infestation, apt 3, lasted about two months Mar-May 2008. The bugs started out light, like a bite or two a week, then got worse. Roommate and I took care of ourselves, bedbugs gone until we moved upstairs, apt 4. MUCH worse infestation, spanning three months, July-September 2008. Paid professionals this time, and bugs were eventually eradicated, but it took all three of the supplied visits. They would spray, and we would put everything in the dryer, etc, and they would be gone, then co

me back a few weeks later in lesser forces, before the next scheduled spraying. We have been bedbug free since September 2008.

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