110 Saint Paul St
Baltimore, MD 21202-1704

Found 2 reports:

We stayed here for a weekend in October. Saw the blood stains on sheets but thought it was just a gross part of the hotel experience, until we were bit. There are hundreds of bites all over my body from this, and there is no doubt the place is infested. We have reported it, but please take note before staying here. We should have recognized the signs.

This is currently a Quality Inn. We arrived and checked our room as we always do in a new hotel: remove sheets, mattress pad, lift box springs and check behind headboard. We found some suspicious black pepper looking material in the corner of the box spring. My husband found a potential cast skin. The final straw was four tell-tale blood smears on the bottom of the box spring.
While we did not see a live bed bug, and it was impossible to tell how recent the signs were, we were uncomfor

table enough to return to the lobby and ask for a refund. (We had a home infestation in 2010.) They did happily refund us our money. We told the desk staff to suggest to management to have a PCO come in for a complete inspection. I am not sure they were convinced...

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